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Paris Pan takes the Dare by Cynthea Liu

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Paris Pan Takes the Dare - Cynthea Liu

  The book "Paris Pan takes the Dare" by Cynthea Liu is about a girl named Paris Pan who moves into a new town called "Sugar Lakes". On her first day in her new school, she met two girls named Mayo and Dana. Throughout the day Mayo tells Paris about her and Dana wanting to be friends with her. Also they were telling her about the upcoming basketball game because once you enter that school, you are automatically on their basketball team no matter what grade you are in. Anyway after the three girls become friends, Mayo starts to talk about her 13th birthday coming up and about this thing called "The Dare". She was telling her that this dare that every girl does on their 13th birthday. In 1986, a girl named Beth Colins died while doing this dare. Her spririt comes and haunts the person that does it. Once Paris learned about where she died, she realized that it was right where she lives on the hill! Once she told her friends Dana and Mayo, they decided to do "The Dare" at Paris house so that they can do the dare on Beth Colins's birthday. Once paris learned this, at night in her room she kept hearing these noises and voices, she also believes that she sees Beth Colins spirit! As the weeks get older she meets a boy named Tom and he is telling her to not do "The Dare" because a lot of people have either died or lost their voice. He was also telling her that if she does "The Dare" watch out for small porcelain dolls because they are all over her property grounds. Ever since she had talked to Tom, her dog has been acting up and ever since her dog got lost he kept finding a lot of small porclian dolls. As Paris tells Mayo and Dana what has been happening to her, they decide to go to the library to do more research. While they were at the library, Paris spotted a girl in their class named Robin. As Paris was about to go over and talk to her, Mayo warned her about talking to her, she was telling her that she was "The Freak of the School" and that she is always quiet. Paris wanted to talk to her so bad. No matter what Mayo did to disturb Robin, Paris always apologized for her actions and made her feel better. As Beth Colins's birthday gets closer, Paris and her friends decide to use a Ouija board to see if Beth would tell them where to go. After they messed with the Ouija board, Mayo and Dana believed and assumed that Paris can talk to the dead because of all of these things that keep happening to her. For example, all of the porclian dolls that Paris's dog has found, they have all gone missing and the shed that is on her property keeps opening and closing by itself and voices and noises keep coming from it! During the day of "The Dare" and Beth's birthday, they had their first game since her and her sister Verona has been at the school. Paris was hoping that she can get out of doing "The Dare" and she was hoping that the other team was big and buff so that they can make her "injury" on purpose, but as soon as they got on the court, she found that the other team was the fifth graders! So after the game ended the score was 48-8 and Paris made the winning shot! But after that the excitement died down it was time for "The Dare"! While they started their journey, Mayo, Dana and Paris started headng into the woods where she died. Since Mayo and Dana believed that Paris can communicate with the dead, they told her to lead the way. As they were going through the woods, Mayo finally realized that Paris can't communicate with the dead and that all of this was a fake. So while they were arguing, Paris spotted Beth Colins and her spirit! They started to run for their lives when Paris tripped over a log and twisted her ankle. When Dana tried to help her, Mayo pulled her and said "Leave her!" and after they left, the spirit was over top of Paris looking at her. While Paris was crying and shouting for help, she realized that it wasn't Beth Colins's spirit, it was Robin, the supposedly "Freak of the School". As Robin helped Paris back to her house to get some help, they met up with her sister Verona. As they caught up with her sister, Verona took care of Paris and told their Mom that her ankel is twisted and that they had to go to the doctors in the morning. When Paris returned to school with her crutches, she decided that she wasn't about to follow Mayo anymore, so she decided to join Robin where she was. Dana and Tom joined them and they became friends and left Mayo alone. After "The Dare" was over she decided to go into the shed and figure out what was going on. She finally discovered what all of this was about. There was a note and picture from Beth Colins. The note was talking about how she burried at least 5 million porcelain dolls all over the property because she hated the dolls and that she had a box of things in the shed for her history project. Once she learned that, Robin, Dana and Tom burried the stuff that was in the box, Beth's letter, Paris's materials, a picture of her and her friends and her own personal note to whomever was going to find the burried objects.


  I personally didn't know that this book was a thriller/scary book because I wouldn't have picked this book! But overall I really liked this book even though I dislike scary/thriller books. I liked the fact that they had some funny literature in it that I really enjoyed. One thing that I really liked about this book is that it let me use my imagination to picture what's happening in the book because in the other books that I have recently read didn't give me an image in my head about what's going on. I didn't have any dislikess about this book other than it making my heart race like crazy! But I would recommend this book to people that likes thriller, scary and suspense books.